Slice Master


Take an in depth look into Slice Master’s features.

Chase Masks

Add movement to your Resolume clips, layers, groups and composition. Slice Master's native Resolume plugin will apply a subtraction mask to the source, giving you the freedom to chase everything. Take control of your chases using the powerful effect engine that your lighting console already has - with the only limits being your creativity.


Easily intigrate slice outlines into your showfile. Outline colour, intensity, shutter and width channels can be controlled and modulated independantly for the extra eyecandy your shows have been waiting for.

Colour Bumps

Generate colour mattes to create dynamic solid colour bumps. Adjust your ramp in, ramp out and shutter for ultimate control over bump/chase effects - per slice.

Frame Buffers

Load images directly into Slice Master for instant playback of graphics from your lighting console. Frame buffers can be coloured with RGB and rendered against a black or transparent background. Images can be scaled in 3 different ways - fit, zoom to fit and stretch.