Slice Master

At a glance..

Slice Master bridges the gap between your Resolume input map and your lighting console. Assign each slice as a fixture (via Artnet) and gain independant control of dimmer, outliners, frame buffers & colour mattes for each slice.

What our customers have been saying.

Richard Worboys

Avalon Hollywood

Intuitive, smooth as butter, works every time.... Having my Resolume Slices controlled straight from ShowCAD allows for a truly cohesive show night in night out. I'm waiting for the catch, not used to this kind of thing.

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Join the Slice Master family with a perpetual license, at $69, or try out our 30 day free trial.


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Key Features


Manual colour bumps are a thing of past. Load images & use solids to create instant bumps and chases from your console.


Take control over the intensity of each slice in your Advanced Output, allowing for dynamic chase effects utilising the effect engine on the lighting desk you already have!


Generate outlines with parameter control via Artnet. Those slice edges have never looked bettter 😉